Saturday, August 25, 2012


Look, I knit something!!! No kidding! It's Sheldon, from the Knitty 2008 pattern. I made him for baby T who was born in June. I had grand ambitions to make him a quilt, but I somehow the summer sped away and I realized I had to change that plan. Enter Sheldon. He was actually NOT a very quick knit, even though he looks small. I forgot how fiddly making toys can be, with their many separate pieces and sewing and stuffing so on. He is no less than...9 pieces!! The shell turned out beautifully, but was fairly tedious to get through. B the time I was done knitting the top and bottom pieces of his shell, I wanted to be done. Then you have to make the little body attachment piece and sew it to the shell, and then you have to attach I-cord edging to the entire thing before you can actually put it on the body itself.
I knit the whole thing on US6 dpns and some stash Debbie Bliss Cotton DK, which is nice for baby stuff...the cotton feels soft even with the tight gauge, so it should hold up against rough baby handling and be ok for spot cleaning.
We gifted him last week, here's hoping baby T will take a liking to his new turtle buddy:)