Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fish Pie

Well, today was a completely unproductive craft day. But productive on the work front, which is a good thing. I left the house this morning with D and walked to Cup O' Joe to start my 'work day' - doing a little prepping for my interview. Admittedly it was quite a lot of fun and I realized that I am really looking forward to working again (seriously). The prepping was only supposed to take a couple hours at most, but ended up consuming my entire day because I had to research all these things that are different in Ohio than in Toronto, legislation and licensure-wise. I've got it mostly figure out, I think. I guess I'll find out tomorrow!

On that note, since there is no new progress to show, I am posting my fish pie. I made it a while ago and it was so cute (I realize this might sound quite awful, describing food that is shaped to look like the food inside as cute, but really, it is) I had to photograph it. The recipe is from the Foodnetwork. And I only made the fish part, not the sauce and potatoes. They look tasty though.

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