Monday, October 8, 2007

Minimalist Cardigan

Pattern: Minimalist Cardigan by Ruthie Nussbaum
Interweave Knits Fall 2007
Yarn: Plymouth Galway Worsted,3 skeins (~650 yds)
Needles: US 8

I finished this cardigan a couple weeks ago and am only getting around to posting it now. It's been far too hot to wear even a short-sleeved cardigan, much less a densely knit one. I really enjoyed knitting this one - well written instructions and simple moss stitch that can be done while watching last season's Desparate Housewives back to back.

I made this out of stash yarn, which meant only 650 yds, hence the lack of 3/4 sleeves (I tend to buy yarn without having a any sense of how much I should buy, or what I will use it for). I'm mostly happy with the fit, and the parts I'm not satisfied with are really my own doing. I think I should have used the suggested yarn or something finer (given that I am a tight tight knitter) or knit at a looser gauge (but that would have required major pattern recalculating) - my gauge was exactly as the pattern asked, but produced a fairly dense (and warm) fabric which causes the whole sweater to rise up and down when I lift my arms. Oh well. The collar was cleverly done - sewn up with a Kitchener stitch at the back of the neck. More projects to come!

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