Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Recycled Baby Onesies

All summer I'd been spotting cute and cool baby onesies popping up all over craft land, including one shop that was selling onesies made of recycled vintage T-shirts. They had some awesome ones made from old band shirts like the Ramones and Smiths. Unfortunately I was never much of a band-shirt wearer, so my selection for fabric was a bit more limited. I tried to raid D's closet but didn't get any good haul.

Here's a recycled tee onesie I made for baby M, who is a super cutie pie (her parents are ex-McGillites). I bought a basic baby clothes pattern and modified the closure, and used ready-made bias tape for the trim. The most challenging part, actually, was putting in the snaps - I didn't realize I needed to reinforce them with interfacing since their sharp metal teeth would weaken the fabric, so hopefully it will survive a few wearings. Babies grow so fast anyhow, so I'm sure she won't be wearing it for long.

And here are two more I made in a fit of enthusiasm:

I really need to find some more awesome t-shirts.

Knitting is sloowwwwly progressing. I've had to stop because I developed some rather uncomfortable neck and jaw aches (I seem to have trouble relaxing when I knit), but the front panels of the jacket are done, the shoulders are seamed, collar is done and now I am knitting a sleeve. I have been having increasing bouts of uncertainty as to my yarn choice for this jacket, and have been very tempted to rip out the whole thing a few times already because it's too drapey and the yarn would have been better suited for something like the Hourglass Sweater pattern. Oh well, I'm so far along now, I might as well finish and then judge how it looks.

D gave a big talk at school today and it went well, so we are off to have a quick drink to celebrate!


Chaula Tolia said...

Nehal left me the link to your blog.
I never got a chance to properly thank you for the most precious AKIRA onesie for my little one. So kind and thoughtful of you even though you have never met him! I would love for you to meet him. The onesie fits great on his soft little body. Please find me on Facebook so I can share some pics of him.
Thank you so very very much again,

Chaula and Akira

Jenny said...

You're very welcome! I'm so glad he could wear it. It was lots of fun to make.