Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tweeds and Heathers

Today I am home with a headache, so I am sitting around trying to find something to do that won't give me a headache, which means I have to write this post pretty fast. I don't have any really thrilling news to share, other than the fact that I applied for four jobs, knitted some more of Ene, watched the Buckeyes lose their big final game, watched some of the New Hampshire stuff, and scoped out a karaoke bar. This afternoon I will be visiting Ms. Zarafa, who is kindly sharing her the use of her amazing ball winding machine! Yippee! (You have to be a pretty major knitting nerd to appreciate the wonders this little thing can do). After this post, I'm going to dig up some projects that need frogging.

I've also been thinking about what I'd like to make next, and vests have really caught my interest - a nice tweedy wooly vest to wear over a button down shirt or long-sleeved tee would be good for this really unpredictable weather we're having.

Yesterday, I accidentally acquired some new yarn. There was a 25% off sale at Heavenly Creations Yarn Shop so I dropped by 'for a quick peek' and ended up with yarn for two new projects. Here is some Plymouth Galway Highland Heather in a rusty coral colour:

I was thinking of a cabled vest like this (Pattern is Paton's, but this one is by Celtic Cast On):

But I also wanted something more simple and wearable, and this Plymouth Tweed caught my eye:

I really like this vest, made by sky blue cardigan:

This is probably the pattern I'll follow (which H gave me last year, and I still haven't used):

Time to go nurse my headache now.

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