Friday, February 29, 2008

A Growing Shetland Triangle

Ahh, Friday. I had been looking forward to my free day all week. This morning I got up and made a lemon raspberry cake in my new bundt pan (which I'll share soon) and blocked my semi-completed Shetland Triangle so I could see it's actual size.

I've been working on and off on this, inbetween various other projects, and it is very slowly gaining in size. It is a beautiful, simple design that can be worked to any size as long as you have enough yarn - I love the round peacock feather-like motifs. She's not quite big enough, so I'm going to add about another 4-5 repeats so that it will drape well over the shoulders to wear over a sleeveless top or dress, and be plenty big enough to wind around the neck like a regular scarf. I also love this silk aran-weight version, which I will hopefully get around to knitting some day.

This afternoon will consist of running a few errands, and maybe going to the bookstore or coffee shop for a bit. We rented The Darjeeling Limited from Netflix - finally decided to give Netflix a try after failing to find a decent video store in the vicinity (Rent-a-flick-n-tan doesn't was too icky for words). Then tomorrow morning, D and I are getting geared up for our first pottery class!

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zarafa said...

that color is really pretty, whats that yarn?