Monday, April 21, 2008


You read that right. One can never have too many hobbies! Zarafa and I decided to sign up for the beginner jewelry class at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center, which I am very, very excited about.

Oh the possibilities!! Do you think I'll be able to make something like this...

Or like this?

Photos borrowed from the Devil's Workshop, a Toronto-based jewelry studio

The CAC is one of the best discoveries we've made in Columbus. I absolutely love the CAC - they offer awesome classes at the most affordable rates ever. Once we move to Bethlehem, there will be no more wallet-friendly art classes (as far as I know). So, I'm trying to take advantage of it while I'm still here in Columbus. And a little break from knitting might not be a bad idea.

Here's the class description: "JEWELRY- Beginner/Intermediate students learn to create unique and complete projects in copper, brass and sterling. Projects are designed to acquaint students with college-level metal working techniques: sawing, stamping, cold joining, soldering and stone setting. A $15 Lab Fee will be collected at the first class. Bring a notebook/felt-tip pen. Advanced students may register for these classes. A minimum of 6 registered students is required"

I really have no idea what to expect since there isn't a student project gallery online. Hopefully I will end up with something wearable and not just a bunch of burns and cuts on my hands. Anyhow, happy Monday - hope your week is off to a good start. A cupcake post is coming next.


zarafa said...

i've already bookmarked lots of etsy jewelry for inspiration!

i think i might sign up for the weaving class next session if you would care to learn to weave as well...

Devonshire said...

ooh the CAC sounds wonderful. I hope you guys learn lots of cool techniques and can make some really beautiful new jewelry.