Monday, June 9, 2008

Copper Bracelet

Zdravo!! We've made it to Opatija, Croatia, the last bit of our trip. It's beautiful, sunny and beachy here.... totally different than Milan and Venice. I'll save trip pics for after we get home. It has been a relaxing day (a very welcoming change after 3 days of hopping on and off buses and trains hoping we are on the right one). D went off to his conference today, and I spent the day wandering around town, swimming, napping and reading. And blogging! It's been harder to blog than I expected, and a lot of the little internet cafes don't let you upload things from USB ports, but at least I can keep in touch somewhat.

Surprised to see a crafting post? I uploaded these images before I left so I'd have something to blog about in case I couldn't post new pics. So, here is my mostly finished copper bracelet...looking much better than I could have ever expected!! With one class left before our trip, I was pretty determined to get a lot done in that afternoon, and it was a nice surprise to discover that that finishing steps were much quicker to complete than the sawing and filing.

After filing each piece, I sanded it and then hammered each one into a dome shape to make slightly curved, following by some hand polishing with something I can't recall the name of at the moment. I could have polished it to a higher shine but being impatient, I left it as is. Maybe I'll do a little more polishing when I get back, but as it is I'm happy with how it looks!

Yay! It doesn't look like poo!

Connected with an extra long tab

We begin our trek back to Paris on the 11th. In hindsight, it was a rather stupid decision to travel home this way, as sleeping overnight on the train in second class is not all that glamourous or comfortable. Followed by a 7'hr flight. Lots to talk about under the heading of: Things we Learned about Traveling. Have a great rest of week, and talk to you all soon!


zarafa said...

hey, the bracelet looks great!! we got you both signed up for the ceramics class and you signed up for jewelry. i decided against taking it again, so hopefully it ok that we still signed you up. i'll have to tell you about it when you get back.

Devonshire said...

That bracelet looks amazing!!! I love hot it turned out. I hope I can take one of those classes after we get to Columbus.

Travel safely!!!

Sam said...

Definitely. I will share all my knife secrets afterwards ;-)

I love the Europe pictures that D posted on Facebook. Your trip looks amazing!