Friday, May 16, 2008

You'd be in a tizzy too...

...if you had to deliver two birthday cakes by 12pm today, and at 9am all you had was one baked cake.

Eek, the mess. Buttercream and icing sugar everywhere. This would have been a relaxing and satisfying project had I not misread the new email request that cake bakers drop off their cakes by 12:00 noon the previous day. Usually, I'd have until 4pm to get things done. And feeling a little ambitious with my bakery ventures of late, I felt pretty sure I could do two cakes without too much difficulty.

Suddenly the week whizzed by and hadn't even baked the damn things, not to mention made the icing. One cake did not survive coming out of the pan, so I had to make a third one...grumble. This morning I got up and baked my second cake before D was even out of the shower, and I made up all the icing I'd need in a couple batches (I really need some bigger mixing bowls).

Despite the rush I was in, I was determined to take a few pictures. They're a little dark, but it was the best I could do. They are fairly traditional-looking cakes but it gave me a chance to practice piping borders and flowers again. I did one of those S scroll borders, and made the two-toned roses by putting in both yellow and pink icing into the piping bag - the consistency was a little thin, but I didn't have time to redo the bag so I kept going. I used one of those scraping tools with the teeth for the sides, which was much harder to do than I expected. I think a turning table would have made it easier. I managed to dash out of the house at 12:10 and get them there only 20 minutes late. Luckily it was not a big deal. Anyway, it's been a while since I've made any birthday cakes, and it'll be another while before I get to do more since I'll be vacationing soon.

Oh, and here's my progress from my last jewelry class. We hand-sawed out our shapes, and next week we'll file them down so they are less wonky looking and have nice smooth edges. Sawing is hard work! Between pottery and jewelry, my arms are getting a good work out.

We're going camping this weekend, so won't be posting until I get back - have a great weekend and wish us good weather!


RivendelLN said...

Uggh, I've had last minute baking experiences too...not fun. Your cakes look beautiful though (love the dual-colored roses)!

Devonshire said...

Your cakes look fantastic. Also your jewelry cut outs are really cool. I hope you guys have a great camping trip.

Sam said...

I really like the borders on your cakes. I recently inherited some 1980s Wilton cake decorating books from my mom, so I may try my hand at it sometime soon.

Where did you guys go camping?

Anonymous said...

the cakes look delicious and beautiful. i'm always amazed when i see cake being decorated.