Thursday, June 26, 2008

A is for Anniversary and Alana's

D & J looking all cute-like: Photo by Digital Imprints

That's me and D, three years ago! I'd forgotten how much I loved our wedding photos until I dug this one up just now. I was able to identify bokeh in their shots, a word I learned today from Ms. Z's awesome series on the basics of photography. It's really well-written, funny, and she has tons of photos to help you understand the world of f-stops, aperture and depth of field. And she knits real well too! I still don't own a DSLR, but it makes me want one badly. Oops, I'm way off track...

Our anniversary was yesterday, but I wanted to write a quick little something about how fabulous our dinner was at Alana's: IT WAS FABULOUS! It made me wish we'd gone as soon as we moved to Columbus so that we'd have had more opportunities to enjoy her food. It's a warm, inviting, completely unpretentious place where the menu changes daily depending on what's fresh that day. Alana was there, passing around tiny little strawberries filled with goat cheese, drizzled with real balsamic vinegar. D & I waffled over what to order and eventually conceded that we would just have to keep coming back until we tried everything (but later realized this would be impossible, since the menu keeps changing). We ordered the asparagus with over-easy duck egg sprinkled with parmesan, a tomatillo gazpacho with fried soft shell crab, orrecchiete pasta with fresh peas, mint and prosciutto, and spaghetti puttanesca with shrimp and lump crab. Everything was fantastic, and served simply. That duck egg was seriously the most delicious egg I've ever eaten. And the fresh peas! I don't think I've had fresh peas in a restaurant before. The dessert menu was equally hard to choose from, featuring lots of Jeni's ice cream and local Ohio strawberries: we chose the goat's cheese cheesecake with peppered Ohio strawberries, and plum hazelnut crisp with salty caramel ice cream. Mmmm. So, so good. I think it was my most favourite meal in Columbus to date.

Somehow this blog has turned into something of a 'look what I ate today!' venue as well. If you came looking for a knitting post, don't worry, I'll have something to show soon. I started another pair of Pomatomus socks using some lovely Fleece Artist yarn. Seriously the best pattern ever written.


zarafa said...

thanks for the shout out!! glad to hear someone's actually learning something from my rambling :)

happy anniversary too!

and lastly, i was thinking about heading up to the dublin/sawmill area. if you want to come here, i can drive up there since its kind of a ways.

Devonshire said...

Happy Anniversary. Glad to hear Alana's was everything I had heard. Who knows I may be working there....Love all the photos.