Friday, July 11, 2008

Latest Project: Keychains!

A line from a Simpson's episode that amused D to no end.

I've finally got something to show you from jewelry class!! Yes, I'm still enrolled in it, though you wouldn't know it from reading my posts from this past month. I missed about 40% of classes last session, so I really am continuing on with the basics. After the tab-slot bracelet project, the next one is to learn how to use rivets. Rivets are a method of cold joining two pieces of metal (or other material) by drilling a hole through the two pieces and hammering a little piece of wire through both so that both ends get pressed flat, like a nail head, thus creating the connection. If you're clever and good at it, you can use rivets decoratively so that it contributes to the overall look of your piece. Let's just say I'm not there yet.

So. Where are the rivets, you ask? Well...there aren't any. Yet. I decided that my little keychains they looked better without being sandwiched against something else, so I'm still saving the riveting for the next one (although I said that 3 keychains ago). I did, however, continue practicing my sawing skills, this time with an even finer saw blade, without causing any bleeding injuries. The initials were a bit of a pain to cut out, and I couldn't get them filed and sanded down as much as I'd like. The bird, on the other hand, was much easier to cut. I'm mailing it to my graphic design friend Margot in Toronto, who will hopefully be amused by it. There is a third one that is blanked out with primitive Paint techniques, but it's a surprise for a friend later this summer. I think he'll get a kick out of it. The words were printed using little letter stamp/chasing tools - the possibilities are endless, especially if you are good with coming up with one-liners! Unfortunately I am not so good in that department. I've commissioned D to help me think of more clever things to stamp. They're all made with nickel, by the way.

I can't even remember how the bird joke got started, or what it meant

I've been riding my bike all around town this week, which has been great. I borrowed a few cake and sugar flower books from the library and I'm getting ready to break out the gumpaste kit (after all this time!) Now, I'm off to buy some tomatoes at the Pearl Alley market, and then going to decorate cakes all afternoon, and then again tomorrow. Should be fun, and hopefully I'll learn some neat new tricks. Although, there's so much going on in Columbus this weekend, it's too bad I'll be missing out on all the fun things.

Have a good weekend!


zarafa said...

oh my gosh, those key chains are super cute!!

Daniele said...

Those came out great. You are really talented!

Daniele aka