Friday, August 1, 2008

Finished Pomotamus Socks III

It's show and tell time! Here's my third pair of the-greatest-sock-pattern-of-all-time, Pomotamus!! I bought this cozy Fleece Artist sock yarn in Halifax around this time last year, intending for it to be a nice fall/winter knit, but instead I finished it just in time for a full week of 90 degree heat. Yep, it takes me at least a year to use my stash. I could wear them just long enough to take a few photos, and then these guys went into the winterwear drawer.

I'm still not sure I'm much of a sock knitter, although I do get a lot of satisfaction in knitting a whole sock on tiny little needles, especially when it's a pretty pattern like this one. I have knit enough socks now to know that I like the cuff-down method, along with a gusseted heel. Even though it makes more sense to start toe-up to get the most out of your yarn, I haven't had any problems with running out of wool yet, and I just use the leftovers to make baby socks.

Now that these are done, it's time to choose another project. What's next on the needles? It has to be something from my stash. Maybe another shawl, or something small like mittens. I have another project to show you soon, but I need to get some buttons for it to finish it up first.

Plans for this weekend: making cream cheese frosting, going to a wedding dress fitting, craft store oggling, cleaning and working. Some flattering news: apparently people have been coming up to the bakery counter especially to remark that the buckeyes look great on the days I make them, and not other days. Ha! Now there's talent.

Stay cool and happy crafting!


Daniele said...

Those came out great! What are you going to work on next? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I did a search for knitting in Bethlehem, PA and your journal came up in the searches. It's quite lovely! I would like to learn to knit and even have a project in mind--a nice sparkly scarf. I'd like to make those for holiday gifts. In your opinion, is this a difficult project for someone who has never knitted before? Any suggestions?

I think the socks you knitted are just gorgeous!