Friday, August 29, 2008

Shiny Nickel Cuff Bracelet

This was probably one of my favourite projects to make, and I like how it turned out. The whole process was pretty simple, involving annealing the nickel and texturizing it, then filing down the edges to get a smooth finish, and hammering it into shape.

Actually, trying to get it shaped around my wrist was the hardest part and required a surprising lot of direction from the teacher on how to position the metal on the anvil-thingy so that I wouldn't be creating a wonky curve (and taking my fingers off).


And when I was done with all the fussing, I got to use the tumbler for the first time, yay! It's a little tub filled with metal shot and soapy water that rolls around on a very basic-looking machine, and once you put your jewelry piece in it, it polishes your metal to a nice shine! I was feeling nice so I included it in a PIF gift to z. knits as part of her PIF gift.

Jewelry class finished a couple weeks ago, and I'm still undecided about signing up for another one at this point...between pottery and my two bakery jobs, I haven't been doing as much crafting at home as I'd like. We'll see. Next up, I finally finished my PIF gifts and more or less delivered them, so I can show you what I made!


Ellen said...

You changed your blog layout! I like it! The bracelet looks so nice, the texture is really fun.

Devonshire said...

ooh, how do I make one? Lovely!!

zarafa said...

awesomest present ever! :)

Lorah said...

cool! my current project in jewelry class is a cuff bracelet but I made mine out of copper.