Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Little Gift ...

We're back to cakes! Here's my first hospice birthday cake for this month...I borrowed this cute idea from Confetti Cakes as well as tons of other pictures on Cake Central. It's a chocolate cake inside with buttercream icing, which was baked as an 8x8" square and cut into quarters. I stacked 3 quarters for the gift, and fed D the rest (helpful hubby that he is).

Covering square cakes in rolled fondant is a little more tricky, and you can see here that my corners are rounded instead of nice and sharp, probably due to too much icing underneath that tended to smush as I smoothed out the fondant. Well, whatever, I think it kind of adds to the cuteness of the whole thing. I made the bow and the gift tag the day before so it would harden and be easy to attach (tag not shown close up because my writing job was ultra hideous this time). All in all, I finished this one in record time.

Then, I spent a good 30 minutes driving around the Columbus suburbs trying to find the hospice center's new address, which was supposedly 'just across the street' from their old digs. Across the street my ass! It was WAY further! Grumble. At that point, the air conditioning in the car decided to shut itself off suddenly and I had a sweaty cake to worry about in addition to being somewhat lost. And it was getting really, really hot. I did make it there eventually, after a phone call to D that involved some Google mapping and email checking. D saves the day!

The volunteer director called this cake 'just darling' when I delivered it, which was a nice compliment for my efforts. I hope the birthday lady enjoyed it.

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