Thursday, September 11, 2008

Red, red and more red!

Lots of red today, from the weekend and from cake baking. On Tuesday I made a red-striped birthday cake, similar to my other yellow fondant cake. I was in a big rush because I baked, iced, covered and decorated the cake in one morning. Phew. It was cutting it a little close. I really wish I hadn't felt lazy the night before, but watching No Reservations just seemed more important. I free-handed it a bit more in this cake, so I've only photographed the nicest sides and hidden the cracks and messy bits from you.

I want to get a little more creative with my decorating. I'm starting to exhaust the flower and dot cut-outs, and need something with a little more wow! to it. I've got some fun baking to do this coming week, which I'm looking forward to. If it turns out, I'll show you in an upcoming post.

Last Saturday Z.Knits took me to my very first OSU football game (thank you Z!!). That morning I had run out to buy a Buckeyes shirt, and I felt pretty cool parading around campus pretending to be a real fan. You have not truly experienced Columbus, Ohio until you attend a Buckeyes game.

Dedicated fans filing into the stadium

Now, I am totally not a sports person, but I have to say that it was tons of fun and just amazing to see live. The sea of red filling the stadium was incredible and the energy pulls you right in. At several points I caught myself actually cheering and whooping! Me! Imagine that.

Check out the funny headwear:

Probably the highlight of the game: eating steamed hotdogs in OSU baggies, and nachoes with fake cheese (D hates this stuff; I love it in the right context)

All the running back and forth had me a little confused, but Z was able to explain what the heck was going on. The marching band was awesome too. All in all, a really fun cultural experience :)

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