Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Undying Mad Hatter Cake Trend

It's been a gorgeous weekend, hopefully you've been enjoying the sunshine like we have! Just a brief post - we're off to Sage Bistro for dinner very soon (and having heard many good things about it, I'm quite excited).

This morning I had a freelance cake to do - a fortieth birthday cake. I'm thinking something kind of classy, delicious-looking...personally, when I turn forty, I'd prefer a more sophisticated kind of cake. You know, something a little more age appropriate. I sighed when I saw the photo of the cake we would be making:

When the customer says, "Can you make it look like this?" then I suppose it is our responsibility to do our best. The Mad Hatter cake is something that has appeared in wedding cake magazines, bake shops and cake decorating books for some time now, and it has all these weird asymmetrical layers stacked together in very bright, crazy colours. The first time I saw it, I thought it was kind of cute, but now that I've seen thousands and thousands of these things, they're just not that special anymore. But they seem to be an undying trend. I have decided that if I ever run my own bake shop, I will refuse to make this particular cake (probably losing some customers, but at least I will preserve my cake integrity).

So here's my copy cat version - I think it actually looks a little nicer and more polished than the one in the picture. What do you think? I hope the birthday person likes it, and is humoured by the 'I can't decide what pattern I like best, so I'll include them all' theme.

Aside from cake decorating, we ate pizza in the park from BonoTogo - I had the Hulk, and D had #2 and both were excellent. Fresh mozzarella and asiago...mmmm.

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Ellen said...

Oh yes, yours looks waaay better than the photo!