Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lemon Meringue Tarts

Like I said, there has been lots of baking going on this past week, but finding time to blog about it is a different story! Do you like these little tarty guys? Yes, that is some culinary torch-action you see going on. D and I were going to the CAC 30th anniversary event and I wanted to bring some desserts for the spread. The components are borrowed from the Tartine cookbook (pate sablee for the shell, and Italian meringue for the top) and How to Bake (lemon curd), two books that you will probably see me reference quite a lot from now on.

This is a really good make-ahead recipe. You can make the shells ahead of time, even freeze the dough or the baked shells, and the lemon curd you can do a couple days beforehand. When you're ready for them, the only thing you have to do is the meringue, which assembles very quickly.

Use a large star-tip to pipe the swirls. I love the cute little curl it makes at the peak.

D contributed to the project by operating the little torch and toasting all the little meringue tops. We bought this butane-powered one from the Cookware Sorcerer. I'm guessing there will be creme brulees and more meringues in our future!

Too bad they're all gone! I've got a ton of meringue leftover, so you'll probably be seeing another meringue type dessert coming up soon.

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