Friday, November 7, 2008

We found a house!

I'm still here. It's been a crazy week. After we got back from a Bethlehem I've just been working non-stop. Anyhow, we had a successful home-hunting trip and found the cutest little house to rent in Historic Bethlehem. It is a lovely neighbourhood and we are thrilled that we'll be living there next year. It's even walking distance to work for D!

Without further ado, some pictures to share with you of our new place:

That's going to be our little house! It's got a yard, a basement, an upstairs, way too many bathrooms, and a nice red front door:

Best of all, there is a massive kitchen that is probably the size of our current living room. I plan to spend many, many hours baking and cooking in here. There is so much storage it is mind-boggling.

It was such a relief to get the home-hunting over with, which gave us lots of free time to explore the area. We wandered around Lehigh's campus...

Enjoyed the view from the public library, which is only a few minutes from our new place....

We even had time to drive into Philly for the day...we had some great pizza for lunch, took a tour of the Art Institute's baking program, and had dinner at the Good Dog. It was exciting being in a city again.

Whew! So that's our big news. I've done a ton of baking this week, so stay tuned for more!


Ellen said...

How exciting! It looks like a beautiful house, the kitchen is wonderful! :)

Bridget said...

Congratulations on finding such a great house! It looks perfect. We have a red front door, and I think it's the best feature of our house.

I'm glad you had a nice trip. That last shot is in Rittenhouse Square, right? Did you make it to Rosie's Yarn Cellar (a block and a half away)?