Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blue Knit Dress

It's been a long time since I've completed any knitting, but I've finally got something to show you. Yes, it's another baby garment, because they are so much quicker to knit and you feel really accomplished for getting it done!

This is called the Happily Ever After dress in Chesley Flotten's Soft + Simple Knit for Little Ones. I used about 3 skeins of Sirdar Dreambaby in blue, and 1 skein in aqua on US5 circulars. At the start, the skirt feels like it's never going to end...just round after round of stockinette. When you finally get to the waistband, switching to seed stitch is such a relief! I like how it turned out - still too big for JJ, but she'll fit into it this fall and winter. She's got a lot of pink in her wardrobe, so it's nice to have something in a different colour.

It's probably going to be another little while before I can post some new crafts. I'm working on a baby project for my friend Lorah, so I can't post that until after she receives it. The red triangles quilt is still lying around unfinished (I think it's become Gatsby's new cat bed).

I'll also be making a wedding cake in July for a friend's wedding, and this week I'll be doing some mock-ups, which I'll write about soon.

Have a great week.


Susan said...

So sweet! Can't wait for the rest!

sue said...

Oh it is so pretty and little girls look just as nice in blue and aqua!