Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Downtown Columbus

Downtown Columbus is slowly growing on me. The Arena District is just around the corner, as are the Shorth North shops and restaurants. Driving as a main means of transportation is taking some getting used to, and I miss the subway a LOT.

However, there has been plenty to see and do around here on weekends and the weather is still warm and sunny. I've been trying to remember to take pictures to post for family and friends, but have only managed to collect a few.

Last weekend we stopped by the Goodale Arts Festival in the park, and picked up a few things at the North Market farmer's market. It's hard to resist the goodies at Omega bakery (leek and cheddar buns!) and jeni's ice cream- I'd heard about this place from several people and it definitely lives up to its name. Yum.

D and I have been at this coffee shop a few times and I think it's starting to count as one of our regular spots now. It's half restaurant/lounge, half coffee house, with free wireless so you can sip your coffee and catch up on facebook gossip.

Today I ventured out to explore the downtown area south of our apartment. I walked by the Statehouse and Macy's at City Center Mall (sad and empty, closing in November) and then wandered over to the Columbus Metropolitan Library to sign up for my new library card. The library itself is a beautiful old building contructed in 1904. It was absolutely massive and filled with hours of entertainment - I was inside for about 3 hours and walked away with an huge armful of dvds, cds, sheet music*, cake and knit books and some fiction. Hoorah for free entertainment!

*I bought a second hand keyboard last night, that's what the sheet music is for. The Columbus Library has supplied me with '20 Piano's Greatest Hits' for practice. Given that I haven't played in over 10 years, D will probably not be hearing beautiful music any time soon - for now it will be rusty practicing most likely accompanied by occasional tantrums about the loss of finger dexterity.

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Walker Evans said...

Hooray for Columbus! ;)

Glad to see more candians in town. ;)