Friday, November 30, 2007

Quilty Cat

While D was away I had the whole place to myself, so I moved all my sewing things out to the dining room. I forgot to pre-wash all my fabric, so it took some time before I was ready to cut and sew. I did a ton of ironing as well - here is Gatsby sitting on my nicely ironed pile of quilting fabric. What a pain. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to share - somehow I let the whole day go by without remembering to take some, and then it was too dark to take any good ones. But it was hard to resist this one:

I like to sit on anything people don't want me to sit on

I've been working on a bunch of different things - coasters, toys, pincushions, real cushions, knitting, beading - and getting very easily distracted by each project so it's hard to finish any one thing. I know I said I'd have projects every day, but the camera situation messed that up. And also the fact that some of the projects are Christmas gifts that won't be a surprise to the recipient if they are reading this blog. Oh well.

This week I also lined up to get my social security number, quite an embarassing experience really. I turned over my documents (passport, application form, etc) to the SSN person and then passed over my driver's license thinking it was my work permit card (forgetting I now had two pieces of Ohio photo ID). Of course, the SSN person just kept saying, "Ma'am, this is not a work permit. You need to talk to Immigration Services and get your work permit". And so I insisted, over and over, that that very card (in fact, the driver's license) was the only thing that I was sent and that it was definitely the work permit. Sigh. At some point I did realize what was going on, but couldn't they have just said "Ma'am, this is a driver's license"?

Thank goodness this is almost the last of the paperwork...I'll be happy when it's all done.

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