Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yellow Basketweave Cake

I should really come up with some more interesting sounding names for my posts, but honestly, I find it the hardest part. Simple and descriptive is good, but boring. Maybe it's because I start my post with the title, instead of writing the post and then coming up with one. Hmm. Any suggestions?

For the next few days I should have something to post every day! Exciting! I had another hospice birthday cake to bake, so I wanted to try practicing a new icing technique: basketweave. There are other patterns I prefer to basketweave, but nonetheless I think it's something I should get to know. This time it's a yellow cake with sour cherry plum jam sandwiched in the middle, covered in vanilla buttercream icing. I thought the cake needed a little colour inside since it's all very, very yellow.

Basketweave was fun to do, and not as hard as it looked, so I changed the tip to do a border. Of course, the more icing I had left in the bag, the more I piped on the cake, adding swirls, stars, and then soon it was looking a little garish. I have a tendency to over do things and forget the merits of a simple design. After the piping stopped, the cake looked incredibly crazy yellow so I stuck on some violets. These violets have certainly come in handy. I used melted chocolate again for the writing because it is much easier than mixing a new colour of icing and using up a whole other icing bag.

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sue said...

The cake looks great. Love the basketweave pattern.