Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ene's Scarf

Or perhaps more like Gatsby's scarf.

Back in November, I was suddenly inspired to start knitting lace when I saw Ms. A's lovely bridesmaid wrap. Up until now I have only knitted a little lace here and there (Orangina, Rusted Root) but never a fine-lace pattern. Of course, these thoughts then actualized into excessive yarn-buying (total acquisition of 3600 yards of laceweight wool), and then the realization, what if I hate knitting lace?

I really, really hope I like knitting lace.

I went Ravelry to see what kind of lace scarves and wraps people are knitting, and settled on a few patterns: Ene's Scarf, Shetland Triangle, and Flowerbasket Shawl. Lucky for me, the library had a copy of Scarf Style so I went with Ene, a pretty triangular shawl that didn't look too complicated...

Good grief. Casting on has so far been the worst part. 375 stitches!! It took me the better part of an evening to do this without messing up. And then I had to recount it twice, just to make sure I was ready to start knitting. I didn't even bother with checking gauge at this point. So, when I was finally ready to begin knitting, I opened up the page to the first chart and...sigh. More bafflement. What are all these grey blocks that say "no stitch here"?. Not knowing if it was literally no stitch, or it you slip a stitch, or what, I patiently waited another day to start so that I could get some help on the Ravelry forums (again, I love LOVE this site - I just realized there is a huge queue to get an account, but sign up! It's so worth it!). Those delightful Ravelers responded to my post in 20 mintues and then I was set (turns out the grey blocks literally mean no stitch; the pattern is decreasing at that point and they are just representing a clear chart)

Anyhow, it has been going smoothly for the last 22 rows, with the occasional lost YO, but nothing I wasn't able to fix. And it's looking appropriately lacey with holes and things in all the right spots. This is getting ahead of things, but I'm totally excited to block this thing once it's done, as lace is supposed to undergo this amazing transformation from lumpy frumpiness to delicate gloriousness.

This week we head out to Toronto for the holidays - I can't wait! Wishing you all a happy Christmas and New year, and lots of relaxation (and crafting) in between. I'll write again soon. Have a great week!


zarafa said...

it looks lovely so far. too bad you seem to be enjoying it so far... i would have happily taken all that laceweight off your hands. :)

Ilix said...

Have fun on your trip. Your lace looks like it is turning out nicely. I hope you enjoy that too! I should get back to my Icarus!