Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pointy Kitties

Kitties up to no good...

Pointy kitties! These guys are so cute. It's a free pattern too, by Wee Wonderfuls, so go download it! I used some leftover cotton from my apron project, as well as some thinner quilting cotton (which was easier to turn out). I know their heads are bobbing in funny directions, and looking up, but sewing on the head is harder than it looks! I'm still indecisive about the stripes, mainly because the colour selection in felt is really limited, so I just got some ivory and light blue. While I was hovering in front of the felt rack, this woman kindly advised me, "Looking for red and green? I know how you feel. They've got tons left at Walmart...". I kind of just looked at her blankly and said um, thanks. Thoughtful of her, anyway.

Our Christmas tree is up now!

These two cushions were part of last week's crafting

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