Saturday, January 19, 2008

Adventures in Dressmaking

Hi all, Happy Saturday! Thank you everyone for your bday wishes, and the wonderful gifts. I'm having a great weekend so far. Columbus is beautifully sunny this morning, and D and I have already been out and about for a lovely brunch at Tasi, a cute little cafe in the Short North.

D had the house-smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese, tomato and red onion, and I had their version of huevos rancheros (my first time ever) with poached eggs - super yummy and fresh. We sat at this huge wooden bench with other diners and enjoyed a lazy and relaxing meal.

I was struggling to come up with a way to make this post craft-related, and finally found a photo of a dress I made last summer to wear to a friends wedding. It's a simple, loose-fitting baby doll style dress with ruffled hem made in a turquoise-y Dupioni raw silk (about 2 yards). Let me tell you, this was fantastically comfortable and buffet-friendly.

The dress is based on this McCall's (M5377) pattern, except that I shortened the hem a lot and made 3 rosette pins (not photographed very clearly, sorry) to gather parts of the dress when I realized it was too tent-like. I also left out the zipper when I realized I could just slip it on over my head.

Lately I have been quite addicted to Project Runway and have been fantasizing about studying fashion at fun would that be?? Unfortunately, I haven't faced sewing in a while and haven't made any clothes. Nor have I photographed any of my old projects. I'd better get on with it.

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