Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Sorry for the lack of crafting progress...I'm a little under the weather. A weird cold picked up from the science center that I'd almost beat, but unfortunately it seemed to get a second wind. Hack, hack. This cold had better be gone by the weekend - a busy one it will be!

You see, I am officially leaving my twenties this weekend. My 30th birthday week has been pretty exciting so far (I like to celebrate birthdays in weeks, not days). I haven't reflected on it too much, even though people keep asking me "how do you feel, turning 30?". Honestly, it doesn't really bother me. It has, however, in combination with being unemployed, made me think about my career, and whether now is a good time to try something new or stick with the old. It's still a very poorly formed thought in my head, so I have no specifics to report.

A Good Week:
I have my first job interview of 2008
I signed up to volunteer with the local mental health association
I attended my first adult ballet beginner class (with the tights and everything!)
We found out we might be moving to Pennsylvania next year
I booked my flight home for Chinese New year on Aeroplan points
I ate some really good fish and chips at Elevator Brewery
I bought some discounted yarn
My even-feed presser foot arrived in the mail
I am contemplating taking a fashion design course next year (I looooovvvee Project Runway)

And it's not even over yet! On Saturday night, I'm celebrating with a night of sushi and karaoke. I've never sang with this bunch, but I really hope no one pulls an I-will-always-love-you fast one on us. Wait, maybe that'll be me...bring me the mike...

Once I recover from the celebrating, there will hopefully be a new project to blog about. It will probably be lace - since I did buy all that lace yarn.


zarafa said...

waaah. i want to help you celebrate karaoke style. :(

zarafa said...

oh and happy birthweek!! forgot that part.