Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Finished: Shetland Triangle I

At last, a finished project to show you. Now that this has been gifted, I can post the pics. This was a great take-with-you project which I started on Feb 22 and finished March 9. It's knit in Ornaghi Filati Merino Oro (great yardage for the price!) - held double, on US6 circular needles. The only change I made was adding about 5 extra repeats than the pattern called for - I wanted it to drape over the shoulders. And as with many other knitters, I left off the last pattern row of the edging and bound off very loosely using US11 needles.

Before the wet block: nubbly little mountains

Pattern: Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style
Needles: US6 circulars

Yarn: Ornaghi Filat Merino Oro, 65 g (~ 852 yds)

It's soft, squishy and warm, and in a colour that can hopefully be worn with any number of things. I love this pattern. It's incredibly easy to remember the pattern as well, which means you can work on it anywhere, while watching TV, and not lose track of what you're doing. It was a struggle to send the shawl away (but for a dear friend I managed it) and to fill the void, I immediately cast on for another Shetland Triangle, this time in DK weight yellowy green bamboo yarn.

This is probably a major no-no, but I actually ironed the shawl a little. After drying, it still looked a little bit uneven so I placed an ironing cloth over it and used a light steam to get the rest of the kinks out.

As much as I love dark greys and other wintery colours, I am so ready for spring to arrive. Knitting the second Shetland has been cheery, and I am tempted to dig out my sewing machine to make some spring dresses. Hopefully I'll have another finished project to write about soon. Happy crafting all.


Devonshire said...

That looks beautiful! I have never attempted a shawl, but your pictures may just inspire me to do just that. I bet the green will look lovely for spring/summer evenings.

Anonymous said...


that shawl looks beautiful!!! you picked a great color too. great job.