Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Stipple and an Almost-Job

Is that a successful looking stipple? Why, I think so! I learned the word 'stipple' recently, which is what you call the slashes on the bread's surface, as well as some suggestions on how to do it more successfully. I was gashing away at the bread rather enthusiastically with a serrated knife, and got a bit carried away on the other loaf. But, not looking too shabby, eh? Now if only the inside was more baguetty and less fluffy-bready. I used Jamie Oliver's basic bread recipe and knew it would be a nice sandwichy loaf, so I'm not complaining. It was, however, on the salty side. Next time, I would definitely reduce the salt quantity by half.

In other news, I found myself another part-time job! I'll be working in a bakery, doing service counter stuff but also hopefully doing a little decorating and general helping-out in the back kitchen where all the magic happens. Cakes, tortes, pies, petit fours, cookies, biscotti, turnovers, strudel, the list goes on. I'm quite excited about this. All of this, by the way, sort of developed over the last five days or so, when I saw someone ask for an application at the bakery which inspired me to do the same. Next thing I know I'm committing to 20 hours a week. They seemed a bit puzzled by my application and kept asking if I was a student ('no'), why did I want a job there ('because I like pastries') when I have a graduate degree in a totally non-food related field ('because I want to do something different'). I think my answers were satisfactory. Now if they will only call me to sort out the start date and details...


Devonshire said...

Your stippling looks great! Success. I bet that tasted delicious. Congrats on the new job and the beautiful baguette.

Anonymous said...

hey congratulations on your new job! I'm excited for you. they're lucky to have such a great cake decorator on staff. you'll be doing more than watching the counter soon enough!