Friday, April 4, 2008

My Summer Wish-I-Could-Make List

It's Friday already?! What happened? D has been gone for almost a week and I have barely got any crafting progress to show aside from blocking Shetland II. I was envisioning a major craft-fest with the kitchen tablecovered in fabric and yarn, but instead it's covered with cooking and travel books, along with a few dirty dishes and chip crumbs (at least I have been reading - I am almost done with The Soul of a Chef, and next up it'll be The Reach of a Chef to finish the series)

Once again, the problem with being a craftaholic is that I have all these grand plans to knit and sew myself an entirely new summer wardrobe, but I just don't have the time or attention span to work on one project long enough to finish it and then start a new one. I think my favourite part is planning what I could make. I have so many patterns, fabrics and yarns that are all picked out, but they are sitting there waiting to be swatched or cut. Sigh.

Things I would like to do if I had the time:

1) Make beautiful-fitting dress pants to end my pant-shopping drama
2) Knit a whole drawer full of socks in all colours, lengths and patterns
3) Knit a whole bunch of cute little summer cardigans in different textures
4) Sew up a bunch of breezy summer dresses in fun prints and colours
5) Knit more shawls and scarves
6) Sew a cute little jacket with interesting details
7) Make fancy cocktail dresses to wear when I become a socialite
8) Learn to knit fair-isle mittens
9) Make billowy, colourful summer skirts

Since I don't have time to do all those things, I somehow managed to settle on my next project to get things going already. Today I swatched for the Cherry cardigan using US6 needles and the Jaegar Aqua Cotton I bought on sale. My gauge is a little tight, but I think it'll be OK if I just knit one size up. Hopefully I'll be posting some photos of cardigan pieces soon.

How the heck do I find time to learn more about baking and cooking?

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Devonshire said...

More time in the day would be lovely or for someone to just pay us to do our hobbies....dreams....what life is made of. Sometimes they come true. Here's to hoping.