Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pomatomus Socks!

I'm about to head out in a bit to enjoy the sunshine on a patio, so this will be a quick little post. These are my favourite socks ever (you can find the free pattern here), and were actually the very first pair I ever made.

Yarn: 2 skeins Regia (I forget what kind)
Needles: US2 dpns

You might wonder why a sock novice would choose a seemingly difficult-looking pattern. Yes, it took me at no less than a half dozen attempts and endless ripping out and cursing, but it was worth it. Given the number of teeny weeny stitches required to make a whole sock, I couldn't be bothered to make a practice pair of socks using an easy pattern and then start all over again for Pomatomus! These have gone through the wash tons of time and are holding up well. They're warm and woolly, but not itchy. There's something fun about having a secret crazy colour party going on under your winter boots - a little knitting nerd thrill. You know what I mean.

The Big News of today: I quit my private practice job!! I'm so relieved. I gave tons of notice - my last day is May 14. Up until this point I have tried not to complain about it incessantly on my blog, but after starting the bakery job it became very clear to me that I was really wasting my time there. It's no fun to go backwards in your career unless it's going to benefit you in some way, such as helping you make connections, gain experience in something new, great pay, good social networking. This job was none of these things. It was just me, the phone, and the computer. And a micro-managing nit-picky elderly man with hoarding tendencies, control issues, and an unhealthy affinity for pencils and paperclips.

This job is a good example of the kind of decision you make when you've recently been transplanted to a new city, don't have any connections, desparate for something to do, feeling guilty and bored about staying at home, and saying "it's just a job" in an effort to feel better about the whole thing. I know that people need to work to support themselves, and I am aware that we're lucky to have D's income to support us (although a 50% cut in household income sucks), but being patient has its rewards. That, and not settling unless you absolutely have to. So, if you're in a similar situation, please choose something that will allow you to maintain your psychological well-being. You will enjoy your new city so much more if you like what you're doing or at least the people you meet there. It was a valuable lesson for me, anyway.

OK, enough of my advice spouting. Go out and enjoy the sunny warm weather!

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Devonshire said...

Your Pomatomus Socks look fantastic. I love the colors. I know what you mean about a party in your boots...Great advice about the job front. I couldn't agree more.