Monday, May 5, 2008

Angoras and Alpacas: Cutest Post Ever

Did you ever wonder where that luxurious angora yarn comes from? Look no further than this fuzzy white blob in the photo. This is a recently groomed English (or possibly Giant) Angora rabbit stil sitting on its brushing stand, having just had a nice blow-out from its owner. So pampered.

This past Sunday Zarafa, Mr. Z, Sonja and I took a little field trip to the Ohio State Rabbit Breeder's Show & Sale, followed by a brief visit to the Buckeye Alpaca Show, all at the Ohio Expo Center (D and J declined to participate in the fuzzy cute fun - I think they felt threatened). Apparently this was the biggest state show, with about 5000 bunnies being exhibited. I have never seen so many rabbits in my life - and such an enormous variety! You realize how completely clueless you can be about something until you see it for yourself. I don't think I've gushed so much about animals. Ever. We had lots of fun to say the least, and the whole thing was made more enjoyable and educational by Mr. Z's rabbit expertise.

Are these not the cutest rabbits you have ever seen??

From Top Left: French Angora (probably), Flemish Giant,
English Angora, Dutch, American Fuzzy Lop,
Jersey Wooly (or young French/Satin Angora)

And then there was this little bunny was just hanging out on the camping chair, chilling. No sign that it was about to make a break for it. I wish Gatsby could behave so well. On our way out from the rabbit show, we passed some vendors selling rabbity goods including rabbit snack sticks, rabbit jerky, rabbit sausage, rabbit pelts and more. It felt a little wrong to be eating the bunny, but I suppose it is a means of sustainability - nothing goes to waste.

Afterward, we stopped by the Alpaca show to see if we could score some luscious yarn. Indeed we did. But first we actually had a look around at the alpacas and chatted with some of their breeders. They are the funniest creatures with their long gangly necks and all. Some of them had the most beautiful multi-coloured coats - I think Zarafa and I were both thinking the same thing "Hmm, which alpaca would give me the most variety in yarn colours?". The Suri alpaca was quite pretty too, in a funny sort of way. Their coats were almost rope-like, and looked like a semi-spun yarn. Up until Sunday, I thought Suri was a brand name. Oh, the ignorance.

Hanging out by the fan: "It's too hot with our coats on"

This is what I bought at the show: 600 yards of soft, squishy lovely alpaca - for $29! I thought it was a pretty good deal. I think I'll save it for winter knitting and make an extra long scarf out of it.

Hope you all had a nice weekend too!


Devonshire said...

It looks like you had a great time. Is this something that comes around every year? Love those cute bunnies and the alpacas too.

Anonymous said...

okay. that's it.
i need an alpaca. i can keep it in my garage. it'll be happy there. i need one. they're so adorable!!