Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pottery Week 9 - a Mishmash

Lots of fun things this past week! Viennese chocolates and fancy tea arriving in the mail were a lovely surprise (thanks Hazel and Kevin!) We were FINALLY reimbursed for our lost valet parking key (only 3 months later). I also went to my first jewelry class, which was a bit weird since I was the only new student. I did, however, briefly wield a blow torch, flame some copper, dunk it in some 'pickle' (an acidic solution - thereby annealing it) and practice some stamping without injuring myself. Our first project will be a slot and tab bracelet, which I am supposed to draw for homework. Unsurprisingly, I haven't done it yet.

Today, D and I started the second session of our pottery class. We did a bit more hand building - slabs and pinch pots - and next week we'll be learning how to throw on the the wheel! Very excited for that. Here are a few pictures to entertain you with:

D made these lovely little vases by pinching two bowl-shapes, joining them together and sealing them to form an enclosed oval. He paddled the sides with a wooden stick tool to create the sections. Unfortunately, only one survived the transport to the drying shelf - again reflecting the delicate and frustrating nature of pottery work.

I made a few more slab pots using molds, which I am planning to slip-paint next week:

After class, we had some excellent sandwiches at the Brown Bag Deli in German Village, followed by coffee and sweets at Yosick's Artisan Chocolates and pastry shop. On one side of the shop they had a nice assortment of self-serve traditional bakery goodies including cookies, macaroons, cupcakes, scones, turnovers, biscotti, brownies and more. I had a raspberry lemon friand and D had two mint chocolate truffles (which he said were fantastic) - they make all their chocolates on premises using only Belgian chocolate and adding caramel or honey to sweeten. The owner does all the baking herself as well. Drop by for a coffee and treat!

Then tomorrow, I am going to see a Bunny show at the Ohio Expo Center and possibly an alpaca show too - I am secretly hoping to find to soft angora or alpaca yarn to take home with me.


Atkins said...

Glad the parcel arrived! Hope you enjoy the tea. K is getting baptized tomorrow (Anglican). H.

zarafa said...

the only new student? guess we'll get plenty of help then if we need it!

Devonshire said...

Thanks so much for checking out the bakery! What are your thoughts...the pastry looks delicious as do the truffles.