Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Cake with Blue Dots, and more!

In today's second blog installment, I've got more cakes to show you, starting with the one I made for my volunteer job this week. This one was number 4 in a series of fondant exercises, and the practice is going well. The cake is actually baked from scratch this time (I usually use cake mix, which is the norm for these volunteer cakes), which took longer than I expected, and as a result I was a little short on decorating time. That's what I get for not baking the cake ahead of schedule! So, I didn't mix any new colours and just used what I already had - like this bright blue I made for the fish cake. I cut out all the dots using different sized piping tips and pasted them on with a dab of water, arranging them from the bottom up. It's not my favourite decorating job, but it's not that bad either. I think it's the colour I dont' like. Anyhow, I used chocolate chips for the writing, which I melted in a ziploc bag and stuck a plain tip in. This seems to be my prettiest writing job yet, if I say so myself.

This week I received a few pictures of the cakes I've been helping with! Remember how I made two cake layers way taller than normal? Well, here they are, the top and middle tier. I don't think people would have really gave it much thought. See how smooth the icing is?? That's what a month of practice will do! Imagine if this was my full time job!

Here's the bridal shower cake from last weekend. It was meant to match the invitations, which were aqua and chocolate brown. I never saw the finished cake, so it was fun to get the picture in my email this week. Like the dress? Like the daisies? Guess who made those? ME!! (and in my opinion, they're the best part of this cake)

Alright, enough gloating. Must stay modest. Stay tuned for more!

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MissK68 said...

WOW! Your cakes are completely fabu! You can do anything can't you jenny. I am sooooooo impressed!!!!! Have you moved to Bethlehem yet?

MissK68 (Ravelry)