Thursday, July 24, 2008


After many weeks of procrastinating, I finally practiced making rivets (there they are, on the bottom two corners). Now I can join things together!

A cute, fat red bird to brighten your day

The birdie is a nice shade of bright red formica, which is really easy to cut and can be sanded easily. I have yet to decide what to do with this little guy. Lots of little keychains and tags are piling up in my bin, with various cut-outs and things in them. Soon, though, I think I will start a ring project - another student in my class is making the prettiest ring and I want to make one too! She also had a beautifully shiny copper bracelet, which is baffling because I could never get my copper so shiny. I'll have to ask her about it...

This weekend is Rib and Jazz fest down on the waterfront, featuring something like two dozen award-winning rib teams. One of them from our home town of Toronto! I think I know what dinner's gonna be for the next couple of days :)


zarafa said...

super cute! did you have to cut out all those tiny letters?

Daniele said...

Lovely little birdie! Thank you. I think it did make my day!

Daniele aka