Monday, July 21, 2008

Raiding of the Remnants Bin

Uh oh. I rediscovered the remnants bin at the craft store! I justified buying a bagful of ends with the fact that they will be turned into something fun and useful, so I'm in the middle of trying to figure out what to make with my newly acquired materials. I promise not to stash it into my ever-growing pile of fabric. :)

Other than cakes, there hasn't been too much happening on the craft front that I can blog about yet. I've been making stuff in jewelry class, and knitting a thing or two. Oh! I forgot to mention that I received my lovely Pay It Forward gift from Z.Knits, which you should have a look is ultra fun and cute, and I love using it. Hmm. I'd better get on with my PIF gifts too. I think I've already missed the 6 month deadline.

But it's hard to do stuff when it's so darn hot out. Is it just me or does it feel like the temperature has been 95F plus forever?? It makes me want to do nothing except hide in the air conditioning. Or a cold pool. This past weekend was a hot and sluggish, and my main goal was to stay as cool as possible. We had some friends over for supper on Friday night, and Saturday morning I went to decorate wedding cakes again, although none were fully completed while I was there, so I don't have the end results to show you. Too bad, because I made the cutest little fondant cut-out dress for a bridal shower cake! I've been promised I will receive some pics of once they were all done, so I'll post that whenever it happens. Saturday afternoon we went for a nice swim followed by a late showing of Batman: the Dark Knight (really good), and on Sunday I worked all day at the bakery. In the evening, D made the most spectacular exploding mess when he accidentally dropped a large bowl full of saag paneer, which sprayed 3 metres in all directions, including on the ceiling. Needless to say, our home will be smelling like delicious curry for the next week, or two.

And there you have it, my weekend update. Hope you had a nice weekend too! Happy crafting.


Daniele said...

I see some quilting in your future! Nice fabrics.

Daniele aka
aka landapugs on ravelry.

zarafa said...

those fabrics are cute, can't wait to see what you make from them.

Lorah said...

uh're now talking in F and not in C. Sigh, I don't think you guys are ever coming back to Toronto!