Saturday, October 18, 2008

Showing up at 6am for work really stinks

...especially when you do it on the wrong day. Worse, it's pitch black outside and cold. And I was locked out of the bakery for what seemed like ages (well, 25 minutes) since I arrived way before the Friday baker. Why the hell would my boss schedule me to work at 6:00 if no one arrived until 6:15 at earliest??

Then I found out the schedule said I was working Saturday, not Friday. I was absolutely livid - surely my boss changed the schedule on me last minute. On the way home I'm having a mental shouting match with him about not messing with my schedule and making last minute changes without telling me!

When I get home and look at my scrawled note, oops. Did I really write Saturday??

I'm having one of those weeks. So, it's Saturday at 5:20am, and I'm giving this another whirl. Hopefully I can't screw up twice in a row!


zarafa said...

oh no! that stinks. just the thought of being out of bed that early makes me shudder.

and thanks for the reassurance. it really did feel like the whole day flew by. but i'm sure that's all in my head :)

Ken said...

Oh no! Such a rough week - I hope the day turns into a good one for you...