Thursday, October 16, 2008

Super Cutie-pie Zoobies

Holy moly! Craft mania today in the Knitticrafty household. I can't believe it, I actually sat down and attached all the heads on these little animals!! Now I just need to paint some faces on them..wait and see what becomes of this little zoo.

(Oct 17, 08 - I forgot to mention that the pattern for these animals comes from the book Play Quilts by Kristen Kolstad Addison)

I'm going to bed super early tonight, as I am expected to crawl to work at 6am tomorrow. I think I am pretty sure I don't see bread and breakfast pastry baker in my future...anyhow, enjoy the animals.


sue said...

They are so cute. I cant wait to see how they look with their little faces on them too.

Ellen said...

So cute! I love the fabrics you chose. :) Did you design the patterns yourself?

Devonshire said...

Those look great! I didn't get any crafting done today - but I did sit down to plan out what kinds of fabric I need for a quilt. Have fun tomorrow at 6! I will be up too for 5:30!!