Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Luminaria in Historic Bethlehem

We have a lot to learn about the Historic Bethlehem District, but something we discovered right away was Luminaria during the holiday season. Each home is given candles, paper bags, and sand and you put all the bags outside to line the area just outside your door.

Sorry for the poor pictures - my night-time photography skills still need polishing :)

Street after street, you could see glowing candles in every direction. It was quite a spectacular sight. Pretty, isn't it?

The only unfortunate thing was that our moving truck was supposed to arrive that morning at 8am, and instead it arrived twelve hours late, right in the middle of this peaceful, beautiful Luminaria event. Nothing like pissing off the new neighbours like throwing a loud orange 18 wheeler in the middle of a quaint event like Luminaria. Luckily, though, we received no complaints.

Below is an example of a very typical Christmas light display. Practically every other house has either glowing reindeer, snowmen, sleighs or something equally festive in a balloon version.

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