Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!!

Happy New Year folks! Hope you all had a lovely, restful holiday and are getting back into the swing of things.

Cardinal in the holly bush in our backyard!

The past month has been crazy, hectic - but plenty of fun, and it was great being able to spend time with so many people. I know I haven't been blogging any new crafts, but I've been stockpiling a few for the new year. Thanks for checking in over the holidays though, it was nice to see that my daily hits hadn't completely gone down to zero. I promise to have crafts soon.

Lehigh Canal

Something I've been enjoying in blogland this past week are New Year's related posts - some are writing their reviews of 2008, some are making new resolutions for 2009. I've never been good at making resolutions, much less stick to them (I admit I have been one of those "I'll start working out" people - that usually dissolves before the month is out), but I do like the idea of compiling a list of things I'd like to work toward. A goal list, if you will, that I can go back to when I'm feeling like I need some direction. First though, here's my Year in Review.

**Knitticrafty 2008 in Review**

  • February: My first part-time job at a private practice; we went to Cleveland for D's birthday; I started doing more baking. Knits: Shetland Triangle, started the Sweetheart Socks.
  • March: I started working at the bakery and was loving it; I came close to quitting the private practice job a few times; baked my first few loaves of bread.
  • April: I started taking a jewelry class. Knits: Cherry Cardigan, Shetland II. Nothing that exciting seems to have happened as I didn't blog a lot that month...
  • June: I finished my big jewelry class project; came back from Europe; visited friends in Toronto; baked a heck of a lot; Knits: started the Pomotamus socks III
  • July: I started working as a freelance cake decorator for a second bakery; learned how a wedding cake is assembled; bought a bike and rode it around a lot; discovered El Arapezo in Pearl Alley; practiced a lot with rolled fondant.
  • August: Our big trip back home to Toronto and Deep River; lots more baking. Knits: ducky cardigan, socks.
  • October: I was promoted to being an assistant pastry chef; I tried knitting fairisle and entrelac for the first time; went to Z and Ken's wedding in upstate New York; Gatsby started mellowing out; I made French Macarons for the first time; I also bought my first stand mixer.
  • November: My last month at the bakery; we got ready to move; I made a practice wedding cake; I bought a nifty culinary torch; we found a house to rent in Bethlehem (this time I didn't twist my ankle); we visited a culinary school in Philadelphia.
  • December: Jay and Sonja threw us a goodbye party; Devon made us this awesome cake; we moved to Bethlehem; my cousin Baryl came to visit; Dom's parents came for Christmas; our visa got approved; and I was called for my first interview at a nearby cake shop.
Things I want to do in 2009:

1) Intern at a cake shop, and learn how to use commercial equipment and scale recipes
2) Take Toba Garrett's Cake Decorating courses at the ICE in NYC
3) Take a bread making course
4) Travel to Asia
5) Make a quilt
6) Try to become a licensed counselor in Pennsylvania
7) Plan a trip to reunite our Columbus friends
8) Take advantage of unlimited calling in the US and Canada on our phone plan
9) Volunteer for a mental health organization
10) Try not to strew clothing all over the place in my bedroom, and use the nice closet instead.

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Ken said...

The canal looks awesome. Good luck keeping your clothes in your closet - for some reason, I do laundry, but the clean clothes never leave the laundry basket...