Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy News on the Cake Front

I got the position, yippee!

Starting this Friday, I'll be interning at a specialty cake shop that makes some absolutely amazing, beautiful cakes. I won't say where, for privacy's sake, but this place is definitely up there with places like Confetti Cakes and Charm City Cakes. What's nice is that it's only about 25 minutes away from home, instead of a 2-hour commute.

I'll be doing a lot of the baking, which I am very excited about - strange to get excited about convection ovens and mixers, but I am. I have been wondering what all the fuss is about with commercial equipment. Hopefully I won't lose a finger or anything.

Apparently, there are 3000 cupcakes awaiting icing on my first day...yikes.

Wish me luck!


Sam said...

Congrats! I hope to see some of you work soon! Good luck with those cupcakes too :-)

Jessi said...

OK,I don't know you at all but I follow your blog because I love crafts and baking. I am genuinely very excited for you, what a fun opportunity!

Deece said...

That is so cool! Congratulations!

Ken said...

Congratulations!! That's great news. How are you adjusting to Bethlehem?

landa said...