Monday, December 8, 2008

Moving Week

It's moving week!

Tomorrow the moving crew comes to pack our apartment, and Wednesday they load the truck and drive away with our things. We will be heading out soon after that, on Thursday, with cat in tow. Poor Gatsby has been sleeping under our bed all week; he knows something strange is about to happen.

It's a very weird feeling to move again so soon - we just started feeling settled and off we go again. Our friends Jay and Sonja hosted a lovely going away party for us on Saturday, and a great time was had by all - especially delicious and sweet was the Pennsylvania map cake made by Devon. Thanks guys! We'll be saying goodbye one more time before we go.

The blog will be a little on the slow side for the next couple weeks, but I promise there will be lots to update you on once we get settled.

Happy Christmas!

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Ken said...

Best of luck with your move!