Monday, May 4, 2009

Moss Placket Neck Sweater

From Last Minute Knitted Gifts, modeled by the lovely baby Kate:

This was done in Knitpicks DK superwash yarn, in a heathered green. It's been washed at least once, and it looks like it's holding up pretty well.

Last week we had visitors!! Margot, Janet and Kate...we wandered around historic Bethlehem, sat on the giant lawn in adirondack chairs at Lehigh, ate lunch at the Blue Sky cafe and of course, oggled the cutest, most well-behaved baby I know. I pinched those round pink cheeks so many times (it was probably very annoying, but she couldn't say so...hehe).

They were off to D.C. on the next leg of their trip...I was most jealous when I received a text that said "i just saw the obamas!!" Whaa!!!!

Hope you had a fun road trip and a safe drive the rest of the way home.

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