Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A break in the lengthy hiatus!

Is anyone still there?!! Someone out there is still reading. Thank you for still checking in even though I've been away for such a long time. I was so surprised by the sitemeter stats showing that my blog was still getting hits daily. My last post was in February 2011, right around the time JJ started toddling around, and life pretty much became all about chasing her around and preventing mischief.

I just got an iPad though, and a new blogging app, so hopefully I'll be showing up a little more frequently than I have for a while. So much has happened in the past year, and I have actually managed to dig up some small finished objects to show you. I'll have to space them out so that I'll have a new post once in a while.

JJ recently turned two (!!!) She is such a funny kid. I still look at photos and videos of her almost every night after she goes to bed. Not surprisingly, I have about a million photos of her that I can share given that she is the recipient of most of my hand made projects.

After being a full-time mommy for 16 months, I went back to work part time. Not in psychology but in pastry! I've been a cake decorator for the past year, which has been great creative outlet. We are doing great with the daycare and work life balance.


I'll leave you with this hat I made for JJ last year that matches her Tulip Cardigan (yet to blog, it's coming). It's Knitpicks Shine Sport, On US3 and US4 needles. The pattern is free from Looking Glass Knits. I made it last year and it's already too small, which is sad! It's such a good hat and perfect between seasons...not too itchy or warm, and goes with everything. JJ wore it all the time and the flower was also detachable for a second look.

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