Saturday, June 9, 2012

Postage Stamps!

Working on a new project now! It's a postage stamp quilt with 40 different fabrics, totaling 120 two-inch squares. I didn't think I had that many different fabrics but after going through my scraps I had way more than enough! It going to be a wall hanging and I'm giving it to my mom when it's done.

You choose the squares completely randomly and stitch them all together. The only time you can change a fabric is if you draw the same one twice. Here's how my randomness turned out:


I started sewing each strip and I'm about half way there. It's nap time right now so I'm going to cram in some craft time as soon as I post this. We are going to a jazz, beer and barbecue festival later an I doubt I will have another chance to sew today! Have a good weekend y'all.


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