Thursday, June 7, 2012

At the Lady Bug's Picnic!

It's been unseasonably sunny and hot this May, and we were really in need of a new hat to replace the one she'd outgrown last summer. I procrastinated forever and had the cut out pieces sitting on my desk for a month. Then I ended up having to buy her a baseball cap while we were on holiday because it was so sunny. But, I eventually did finish her hat...just this week. And it only took me an hour. Don't you hate it when you discover that those abandoned projects take no time at all to finish?? JJ requested this ladybug print when I told her I was making her a new hat. Cute and cheerful, no?

It's the same pattern I used to make her animal print hat. It could be reversible but I didn't sew the inner lining very carefully so it's a bit messy, so we will just keep it right side out. The pattern is easy follow, and I left out the interfacing on the brim because it didn't really need the extra structure. Attaching the brim to the cap is a it tricky if you try to match the edges perfectly. I'd suggest ignoring the edges and easing the cap however it fits best to the brim, even if the edges aren't aligned perfectly. There is still plenty of room in the crown so it won't make the hat too short. I forgot about this when I made it again, and I think the crown looks a it poofy around bits of the brim.


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