Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hudson's Quilt

My good friend Lorah's new baby arrived just a few weeks ago, and I made this quilt for her. Two years ago I made this quilt for her daughter Lily, one of my first quilting projects if you remember! I thought it would be nice for the two kids to each have their own.

Lorah's is one of the most prolific crafty people I know, and I wanted to make her something she wouldnt have already made herself. I checked her Pinterest board for inspiration, and found this quilt pattern she had bookmarked. It's by Hyacinth Quilt designs and actually very easy to put together. The baby room is shades of yellow and green, which helped me decide what colours to us for the quilt. I am proud that it is made entirely of stash fabric that has accumulated over the last three years!

I think this quilt took me less time than knitting a baby blanket! I worked on it over three evenings, cutting and piecing the quilt top the first day, making the backing and then th quilt sandwich the next day, and then one more evening doing the quilting and binding.

Here's JJ helping me take photos of the quilt....rearranging things


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