Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pain de Mie

Homemade rolls to go with pulled pork! These were easy to do, and the egg wash made them look so pretty. Recipe from Ciril Hitz's Baking Artisan Bread book, Pain de Mie. I'm going to make this again this week. My machine almost couldn't handle it and overheated. I hope it survives more bread making.



Jessica Deering said...

Just how fluffy are these rolls? I would love to have the kind of super-soft yeast rolls that you get in restaurants, but have not yet been able to achieve them. These look so good!

Jenny said...

They're made with bread flour, so they're ot actually super fluffy. They have a fine even crumb though and good flavor. I might try to make these with all-purpose next time, I'll let you know if that makes them fluffier!