Thursday, November 15, 2007

i Heart Toronto

Yikes, the last six days just disappeared! It's been a busy week with visitors, packing and going home to Toronto - I had new project updates to share, and photos too, but unfortunately they are sitting on the computer at home instead of here on the traveling laptop. Over the last week, I had managed to finish the Khaki Jacket (which is now blocking and needs a few buttons), made some little pouches for gifts, bought some new quilting fabric and yarn, and started a baby cardigan for a friend who is due in December.

We are now in Toronto and I am relaxing and enjoying being at home. It's funny - we have only been away for three months, but it feels much longer than that. When we crossed Peace Bridge we both breathed out a sigh of relief, happy to be back in familiar territory. Strangely though, Canadian currency looks surprisingly foreign and monopoly-like. It's crazy what three months will do!

Gatsby is thoroughly enjoying his new surroundings. I would have thought he'd be a little scared, but he is roaming about as if he owns the place, and showing off his cuteness all day long (perhaps in hopes of being fed a few extra times).

On the drive up I started knitting a Debbie Bliss baby cardigan from her Beginner Baby Knits book. I'm using a pale grey cotton and the back and one front panel are done. I figured that babies probably receive a lot of pink, blue and yellow, so a neutral-coloured sweater might be appreciated as a wardrobe option. It's knitting up quickly, so should be finished soon.

This week I am planning to take in as much Toronto as possible: seeing friends and family, visiting our old haunts, eating a lot of Ace Bakery baguette, sushi and Chinese, getting my hair cut, perusing fabric shops and other window shopping. Have a great week and see you back in Columbus!

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